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Unveiling the Soul of Ibizan Architecture

Rooted in tradition,
looking to the future.

Ibiza the island, full of vibrant spirit and sun-drenched shores, enjoys a captivating architectural scene beyond the familiar and iconic whitewashed fincas.  Terravita is an Ibizan architecture studio founded by Ibiza-born Englishmen Jason Watson Todd and his brother Julian in 1999.  The company’s ethos has always been deeply committed to providing the best in innovative design solutions, as well as honouring Ibiza’s architectural heritage.

We believe in preserving the island’s unique character while pushing boundaries with contemporary design principles.  This philosophy shines through in our projects, seamlessly blending traditional elements like natural materials and vernacular forms with modern functionality and clean lines.

Sustainable sanctuaries

Sustainability is at the core of our approach. We utilise locally sourced, recycled, and low-impact materials whenever possible. Our designs prioritise natural ventilation, passive cooling techniques, and renewable energy sources, minimising environmental impact and creating healthy, energy-efficient living spaces. In fact, one of our recent projects achieved a 70% reduction in energy consumption compared to a standard Ibizan villa, showcasing our commitment to green building practices.

La Casita Verde 20
Passive buildings or energy efficient buildings Can Tanca Ibiza
Terravita Ibiza Architecture Design Studio 20

Terravita’s designs go beyond mere aesthetics. We understand that architecture is about creating spaces that resonate with the island’s spirit and connect homeowners with their surroundings.

Our projects often feature open floor plans that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, courtyards that bring in natural light and air, and terraces that offer panoramic views of the stunning Ibizan landscape.

The following are some of Terravita’s notable architectural projects:

La Casona: Restoring a stone village house in rural Asturias into a warm & inviting home.

Can Tanca: Surrounded by red clay fields and pine forests, lies the architectural masterpiece known as Can Tanca.  This extraordinary zero-carbon house gained Passivhaus Premium and BREEAM Excellent ratings, showcasing our commitment to sustainable living.

La Laguna: Modern style unites with 200 years of history and craftsmanship in this Asturias renovation.

Passive buildings or energy efficient buildings Can Tanca Ibiza

The Future of Ibizan Architecture:

With our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and respect for local heritage, Terravita is shaping the future of Ibizan architecture. Our work inspires other architects and homeowners to embrace sustainable practices and create spaces that are beautiful, responsible, and in tune with the island’s soul.

Looking Ahead:

Ibiza’s architectural landscape constantly evolves, and Terravita is at the forefront of this exciting journey. As the island embraces sustainability and community-focused development, Terravita’s commitment to these values ensures its continued contribution to shaping a vibrant and responsible future for Ibizan architecture.

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Passive buildings or energy efficient buildings Can Tanca Ibiza

Passive buildings or energy efficient buildings

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