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Terravita Hero Landscape Design

Ibiza Landscape Design

Crafting transformative
outdoor environments
that leave a
lasting impression

From captivating garden designs to functional hardscapes, our team of skilled designers brings your vision to life.

Embracing sustainability and eco-friendly practices, we strive to create outdoor spaces that not only inspire but also preserve the beauty of the island.

Working with nature, not against it.

Our landscapes are modelled with the experience gained by our own hands. With our expertise and passion for design, we create breathtaking landscapes that harmonise with the surrounding natural beauty. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure that every element of your outdoor space is thoughtfully considered. Explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of your outdoor space with Terravita.

Terravita Parallax Landscape Design

Some of our
Ibiza landscape
design projects

Explore our portfolio of stunning Ibiza landscape designs and be inspired.
Driven by a vision for the future.

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