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professionals with
a deep connection
to nature

Our team is composed of experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared passion for creating exceptional outdoor spaces.

With a wealth of international expertise, we bring a global perspective to our work, incorporating innovative ideas and design principles inspired by nature’s beauty.

We are a close-knit team of unique individuals with a passion for combining boundless creativity with a deep respect for the environment.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Jason Watson Todd 026
Jason Watson Todd

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Ibiza-born Jason co-founded Terravita with his brother, bringing together his love of nature and keen eye on design. When time allows, he likes to unwind by hiking the coastline with his Jack Russell Bimba and foraging apothecary plants.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Cristina De Miguel 018
Cristina De Miguel

Operations Manager

Biologist. With her knowledge of ecology and landscaping, Cristina ensures our projects work in harmony with the natural environment. Preferring Ibiza in winter, she enjoys discovering new corners of the island whilst practicing her favourite sport: running.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Isobel Davies 001
Isobel Davies

Landscape Architect

A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and keen horsewoman, Isobel came to Ibiza in 2017 on a week’s trial at Terravita. Six years later, she’s still here and loving the boundless creativity the project briefs allow.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Cristina De Simon Sagues 015
Cristina Simon Sagüés


A graduate of the University of Navarra, Cristina has been with Terravita since 2021 and she most likes the constantly changing process from investigation to reality. Her hobbies include cinema, literature and she loves to travel and discover new places.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Alexandra Pop 039
Alexandra Pop

Landscape Architect

Training in Vienna and Barcelona, the creative process is the favourite part of Alexandra’s job. Her innovation unbounded, she loves to invent dishes from whatever’s in the fridge and spends weekends with her family in nature and on Ibiza’s beaches.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Tanit Monge 020
Tanit Monge


A graduate of University Polytechnic of Valencia, Tanit loves seeing her designs go from pencil & paper to reality. Possessing many hobbies, including painting & drawing, singing in a choir and on summer days she loves sailing around the island.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Lluis Ferri Garcia 013
Lluis Ferri García

Contributing Architect

Materialising ideas, however remote and making the needs and dreams of clients come true are what makes Lluis tick. An avid reader, he also loves wandering through the mountains and coast to bring calm and order to his ideas and thoughts.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Virginia Obiol 007
Virginia Obiol

Technical Architect

Our multi-disciplinary, collaborative aspect of working at Terravita is partly what powerhouse Virginia finds most rewarding. Last year, she did an MBA as well as raising her daughters. At weekends she listens to jazz and loves just being in nature.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Elena Gil 021
Elena Gil

Technical Architect

Witnessing the growth from concept through to the realisation of a project on site is Elena’s favourite part of her job. Weekends are spent hiking, paddle-surfing and snorkelling Ibiza’s coast and she makes a fantastic quiche, loving its versatility.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits David Gallego 034
David Gallego

Technical Architect

Developing an idea with the team to achieve a great result is what David likes most about his job. A keen traveller, his favourite destinations are Vietnam and Cambodia, but when in Ibiza he loves diving and snorkelling the island’s rugged north coast.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Patricia Lallana 023
Patricia Lallana

Product & Interior Designer

Using design as a tool to give shape and meaning to the world is Patricia’s favourite part of the job. Weekends are spent on the island’s landscape, whether diving and kayaking along the coast or walking in the forest, collecting plants to press.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Paco Lara 036
Paco Lara

Contributing Interior Designer

Developing his creativity and innovation to contribute or help society is what keen watersports fan and product designer Paco enjoys most about his job. He trained at IED Madrid and recently exhibited at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Terravita Antonio Gasquez
Antonio Gasquez

Art Director

Terravita’s resident creative since 2017, Antonio trained at the Escuela de Artes de Burgos and won the 2012 National Sculpture award. He turns his hand to everything from lighting design and art installations to all the company’s 3-dimensional art needs.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Ilie Mitre 029
Ilie Mitre

Gardens Manager

Being able to work within the natural landscape is what Ilie enjoys most about his role. His free time is spent hiking in the Ibizan countryside, cooking traditional Romanian cuisine and spending time with his family.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Diego Garcia Solano 031
Diego García Solano

It Manager

Research and imagination are needed in equal measure, plus staying on top of constantly changing technology is what Diego finds most rewarding about working in IT. Although he loved Japan, there’s no place like home, family and a medium-rare steak.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Anna Valero 004
Anna Valero

Financial Co-ordinator

Managing Terravita’s finances allows Anna to develop her capacity for perfectionism. Travelling to Venice was like a fairy tale, but her weekends are spent singing & dancing with her children and exploring Ibiza’s beautiful coves. She also bakes delicious cakes.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Ana Arranz De Diego 005
Ana Arranz De Diego


The organisation required for financial administration appeals to Ana’s meticulous nature. Music & travel are her passions, with Mexico & Bali top of the list and her favourite place in Ibiza are the piers at Sa Caleta before the season starts.

Terravita 2023 Team Portraits Saisha Watson Todd 009
Saisha Watson Todd

Administrative Assistant

Being the first point of contact for visitors to the office and learning something new every day is why Saisha enjoys working for Terravita. In her free time, she loves having beach walks with her dog and admits to making great fajitas.

Combining talents and embracing
the natural world

At Terravita, we value collaboration, continuous learning, and the exchange of ideas. Our team’s international exposure enables us to draw inspiration from various cultures and ecosystems, infusing our projects with a rich tapestry of creativity and innovation. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of landscape design, incorporating the latest practices and techniques to ensure our clients receive the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship.

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